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I believe that SIPRA will enhance my competency level by practicing advanced methodologies & techniques. This will meet the organization's goal to take the competitive advantage.
Sipra labs is a cGMP and OECD GLP lab offering wide range of analytical services for pharmaceutical and allied industry. our services include:  Batch release analysis of pharmaceuticals and excipients as per various pharmacopoeia,  Analytical method development and method validations using different equipment like HPLC,GC, ICP - MS, XRD, Particle Size Analysis,LCMS,GCMS,AAS,Ion chromatography, capillary electrophoresisetc,  Bioequivalence studies,  Pre-clinical toxicology studies,  Microbiological testing,  Catherization studies like, Elemental analysis, Specific Surface Area, Particle size distribution (Laser, Airjet sieve, microscopy) DSC, TGA, SEM, DVS, FTIR, HATR etc.  Packaging materials and packaging system testing including extractables and leachable.  Environmental monitoring and surface swab testing  Genotoxic impurities testing  Pesticide and toxic element residues testing
The test report will normally be mailed to the client within 5 working days of the sample being registered unless the testing protocol requires more time. If there is any likely delay, the same will be communicated to the client by mail. Sipra Labs is always ready to accommodate request for faster services in case of exigencies.
bd@sipralabs.com Alternately, the client may send the enquiries from the “Contact Us” or “Enquiry” menu of our website www.sipralabs.com
The samples may be sent to us by courier or by person. Clients in Hyderabad may also request sample pickup by calling our Client Relation Manager on 9391169456 or our Business Development Manager on 9246363494. The samples shall be sent, packed in hermetically sealed, resealable containers under the appropriate storage conditions with safety instructions for hazardous and toxic samples. Samples sent without proper sealing/container or under inappropriate storage conditions may not be accepted. Overseas clients may send sample through international couriers like DHL, FedExTM, along with MSDS, Statement of purpose and the letter stating that the sample has no commercial value. (Request the clients to consult their courier service for additional information).
For complaints and technical queries the client may contact our Laboratory Director Mr K. Sreedhar on +91 9989696846 or complaints@sipralabs.com
Sipra Labs encourages the clients to audit us before or after availing our services. To request an audit, the client may send their request with proposed audit dates to ad@sipralabs.com, following which the conformation mail will be sent to the client with details like audit dates, person to be contacted on arrival at Sipra Labs Limited or at any time prior to audit. We request the client to send the details of the auditor(s) and the audit agenda prior to audit date.
Yes. We send all the instrument print-outs like chromatograms, spectra etc. along with our test report by default. The analyst worksheet/ analytical calculations will be mailed to the client on request.
Yes. We allow external audits on behalf of clients with whom we have Technical/Quality Agreement and Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Yes. Sipra Labs develops analytical methods for the tests included in our service range. After development we also conduct Analytical Method Validation as per ICH Q2(R1). (For the range of services we offer please visit the services menu of our website www.sipralabs.com)
Yes. Currently we have Analytical and clinical facilities at: Sipra Labs Limited, 7-2-1813/5/A, Adj. to Post Office,IDE, Sanathnagar, Hyderabad - 500018, Telangana, India. Pre-clinical and Toxicology facilities at: Sipra Labs Limited, Plot No. 13, Gate No. 1, IDA, Balanagar, Hyderabad-500037, Telangana, India.
Yes. Sipra Labs allows the clients with whom we have Technical/Quality Agreement and Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement to witness the testing being performed on their samples.
Retained sample for which the test report is given on Form 39 of Indian Drugs and Cosmetics Act, will be stored for 1 year from the date of test report generation and other samples will be stored for 1 month from the date of test report generation. The records are stored for seven years or 1-year post expiry, whichever is greater. The sample and record retention duration may also be as agreed in the Quality Agreement.